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1.  Febian Society was established in the year:
A. 1884 B. 1885
C. 1886 D. 1887

2.  The members of the Fabian Society had:
A. Close contacts with the working classes B. Were the people who belonged the poor middle class
C. Were very rich capitalists D. Were holding high political positions in the Government
E. Were highly intellectual people    

3.  According to Fabians means of production and distribution should be:
A. At the disposal of guilds B. At the disposal of those who can control them
C. Left to the care of the elite of the society D. Controlled by the community

4.  The Fabian Socialists believed that the state:
A. Was bound to wither away B. Was the instrument of exploitation
C. Is an agency which can promote welfare of the people D. Promotes class struggle

5.  The Fabians believe that changes can come in the society:
A. With the help of parliamentary institutions B. With violent revolution
C. When capitalists will end D. When new proletariat dominant society will come into being
E. When whole present economic system will be dislocated    

6.  According to Fabians in the present society for every change:
A. Economic factor was the sole consideration B. Political factor was only weighty
C. Religion alone counted very much D. All factors combined together weighed

7.  The Fabians were of the view that the value of a commidity:
A. Was decided by the labour involved B. Was determined by capital invested
C. Was decided by socially useful labour put in that D. Was decided by the society

8.  Unearned increments in values according to Fabians were due to:
A. Ever increasing population B. Changing fashion
C. Increased demands by the capitalists D. Non-availability of technical labour
E. Shortage in transportation from one to the other place    

9.  The Fabians believed that capital should be:
A. Allowed to remain where it is B. Allowed to concentrate in few hands
C. Transferred to society as a whole D. Distributed among the poor
E. None of the above is true    

10.  The profit, according to Fabians, should be:
A. Retained by the capitalists B. Distributed among all the workers
C. Distributed among all traders D. Located in trade unions for workers' welfare
E. Used for the welfare of the society    

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