CSS :: Electorate and Representation

1.  The system under which every voter by law is required to cast his vote is called:
A. Universal adult franchise B. Functional representation
C. Compulsory voting system D. Optional voting system
E. Commercial voting system    

2.  Separate communal electorate systems aimed at securing the interest of:
A. Scheduled castes B. Religious minorities
C. Scheduled tribes D. Princes of India
E. Educated Indians    

3.  An election, which is held in order to fill up few vacant vacancies, is called:
A. General election B. Bye-election
C. Election D. None of the above

4.  The citizens who are allowed to participate in voting process are called:
A. Electorates B. Candidates
C. Office Bearers

5.  In good democracy right to vote is given to those:
A. Who are educated B. Who own property
C. Who have become adult D. Male citizens only

6.  One of the important advantages of adult franchise is that:
A. It is keeping with democratic system B. It increases the value of the vote
C. It develops among the people a sense of possession D. It brings stability in political system

7.  The system of adult franchise is keeping with the concept of:
A. Titular sovereignty B. De-Jure sovereignty
C. Popular sovereignty D. Legal sovereignty

8.  One of the serious disadvantages of adult franchise is that:
A. It will develop anti-national feelings B. Fight of vote can go to the ignorant
C. Choice of candidates becomes very limited D. Women will participate in elections which will make politics dirty

9.  Women in England enjoyed right to vote:
A. From the very beginning B. During Cromwillian era
C. During First World War D. During economic depression of 1928

10.  Women of France got the right to vote:
A. At the beginning of 1st World War B. At the beginning of 2nd World War
C. At the close of 1st World War D. At the close of 2nd World War

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