Entry Test MCQ :: Electrostatics

1.  When we rub a glass rod with a silk cloth then
A. glass rod acquires negative charge while silk acquires positive charge B. glass rod acquires positive charge while silk acquires negative charges
C. both glass rod and silk acquire negative charge D. both glass rod and silk acquire positive charge

2.  If the distance between the two point charges become half then force between them becomes
A. double B. half
C. four times D. remains same

3.  The minimum charge on any object cannot be less than
A. 1.6 x 10-19C B. 3.2 x 10-19C
C. 9.1 x 109C D. no definite value exist

4.  Electric charge of 100 ?C is 13cm apart from another charge 16.9?C electric force between them is
A. 9x107N B. 900N
C. 9x105N D. 9x106N

5.  Electric force between two point charges in air or vacuum is F. If we replace air or vacuum by an insulator (dielectric) of relative permitivity Cr the force between the charges will
A. decrease B. increase
C. remain constant D. depends upon composition of dielectric

6.  Two charges are placed at a certain distance. If the magnitude of each charge is doubled the force will become
A. 1/4th of its original value B. 1/8th of its original value
C. 4 times of its original value D. 8 times of its original value

7.  The force per unit charge is know as
A. electric flux B. electric intensity
C. electric potential D. all of above are same

8.  An electric field can deflect
A. neutrons B. ?-rays
C. both glass rod and silk acquire negative charge D. none

9.  An electric charge at rest produces
A. only a magnetic field B. only an electric field
C. neither electric field nor magnetic field D. both electric and magnetic fields

10.  Tick the only wrong statement.
A. similar charges repel each other B. dissimilar charges attract each other
C. repulsion is the sure test of electrification D. an electrically neutral body is repelled both positively and negatively charged bodies

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