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1.  George Stephenson succeeded in running the first train of the world in
A. 1825 B. 1835
C. 1841 D. 1853

2.  The first train in India was run in
A. 1825 B. 1835
C. 1841 D. 1853

3.  The first train in India was run between
A. Delhi and Kolkata (Calcutta) B. Mumbai (Bombay) and Thane
C. Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay) D. Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta)

4.  The Indian railway has been divided into
A. six zones B. eight zones
C. twelve zones D. sixteen zones

5.  The clear distance between inner faces of rails near their tops is known as
A. clear width B. gauge

6.  The railway system of India is the biggest in Asia.
A. Agree B. Disagree

7.  The railway system of of India is the
A. first B. second
C. third D. fourth

8.  At the time of construction of railway in India, after long controversy, the gauge adopted as a standard gauge was
A. 1.435 m B. 1.524 m
C. 1.676 m D. 1.843 m

9.  The broad gauge is
A. 0.6096 m B. 0.762 m
C. 1.00 m D. 1.676 m

10.  For main cities and routes of maximum intensities, the type of gauge adopted is
A. broad gauge B. metre gauge
C. narrow gauge D. all of these

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