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1.  The form of sulphur which is the most stable at ordinary temperature is
A. Monoclinic B. plastic
C. rhombic D. flowers of sulphur

2.  The allotrope of sulphur which is insoluble in carbon disulphide is
A. monoclinic suphur B. rhombic sulphur
C. milk of sulphur D. plastic sulphur

3.  Oleum is
A. a misture of conc. H2SO4 and oil B. sulphuric acid which gives fumes of sulphur dioxide
C. sulphuric acid saturated with sulphur trioxide D. a mixture of sulphuric and nitric acid.

4.  Oleum may be rephrsented by the formula
A. H2SO4 B. H2SO3
C. H2S2O6 D. H2S2O7

5.  Oleum gives fumes of
A. H2SO4 B. H2O+SO2
C. SO2 D. SO3

6.  Which of the following has maximum specific gravity at 18?C?
A. 98.5% H2SO4 B. 20% oleum
C. 40% oleum D. 65% eloum

7.  H2S from petroleum refinery streams is recovered by scrubbing with
A. ethanol B. ethabol amines
C. water D. 98.5% H2SO4

8.  Sulphur is produced by oxidation-reduction of H2S. The catalyst used in this process is
A. V2O5 B. AI2O3
C. Pt D. Ni

9.  When sulphur dioxide is passed through a golution of hydrogen sulphide in water
A. sulphuric acid is formed in solution B. sulphurous acid is formed in solution
C. sulphur is precipitated D. no change is observed

10.  Sulphuric acid produced by contact process is
A. cheaper B. pure and concentrated
C. of poor quality D. very dilute

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