Entry Test MCQ :: Growth and Development

1.  Growth process is
A. Irreversible B. Reversible
C. Sometimes reversible sometimes irreversible D. Temporary

2.  A plant has a growth pattern called
A. Closed growth B. Open growth
C. In between the two D. None of these

3.  Speed of growth is
A. Rapid throughout B. Slow throughout
C. First slow then rapid then slow again D. First rapid then slow

4.  Meristems are group of cells that
A. Allow the surrounding region to divide B. Provide nutrition
C. Help in movement D. Retain the potential to divide

5.  Higher plants grow through
A. Growing points B. Whole plant body is capable of growing
C. Only roots grow D. None of these

6.  Meristems are of
A. Two types B. Three types
C. Four types D. Five types

7.  Apical meristems are located at
A. Tips of leaves B. Tips of flowers
C. Tips of roots and stems D. Tips of roots only

8.  Function of intercalary meristems is
A. Increase in length B. Increase in diameter
C. Production of leaves and flowers D. None of these

9.  Lateral meristems are present in
A. All plants B. Gymnosperms and dicots
C. Monocots D. In aquatic plants only

10.  Intercalary meristems are of
A. Permanent nature B. Temporary nature
C. Some are permanent some temporary D. None of these

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