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1.  _______estimated that incompatibility occurs in more than 3,000 species among 20 families of the flowering plants:
A. D. De Winton B. M.B. Hughes
C. W.H. Gabelman D. E.M. East

2.  _______provides the best documented example of long time effects of selection:
A. Sugarcane B. Sweet sorghum
C. Sugarbeet D. Sugar maple

3.  ______ deteriorates drastically upon inbreeding:
A. Carrot B. Okara
C. Brinjal D. Broccoli

4.  ______ in Ladino clover is governed by two dominant alleles, one produces cyanogenic glycoside, while the other releases the enzyme to catalyze its release from gloycoside:
A. Oxalic acid B. IAA

5.  ______ are examples of protandrous species:
A. Avocados B. Walnuts
C. Carrots D. None of these

6.  Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection' was given by:
A. Lamark B. Linnaeus
C. Charles Darwin D. Erasmus

7.  Radish' is an example of:
A. Fusiform root B. Napiform root
C. Conical root D. Tuberous root

8.  "Experiments in Plant Hybridization" a paper of G. Mendal was first published in the year:
A. 1905 B. 1787
C. 1866 D. 1896

9.  "If a gene is represented in an infinitely large random-mating population by adaptively neutral alleles, A and a, in the ration of qA: (1-q)2 aa = 1" is known as:
A. Stanford-Suneson law B. Weibe-Thomas law
C. Briggs-Harlan law D. Hard-Weinberg law

10.  2n - 1 is a:
A. Monosomic B. Transonic
C. Tetrasomic D. Alloploid

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