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61.  The oil pan of an engine is made of:
A. Steel or aluminum B. Cast iron or brass
C. Steel or cast iron D. Cast iron or zinc

62.  The counter weight on a crankshaft is located opposite to:
A. Small end bearing B. Big end bearing
C. Main bearing D. None of these

63.  The camshaft controls:
A. Valve closing B. Valve opening
C. Valve timing D. All are correct

64.  The pushrod is located between:
A. Valve and rocker arm B. Tappet and rocker arm
C. Tappet and camshaft D. Valve and camshaft

65.  The six-cylinder engine with possible number of firing orders is:
A. 6 B. 4
C. 3 D. 2

66.  Valve timing diagram is a function of:
A. Engine speed B. Engine compression
C. Engine torque D. I.M.E.P

67.  The specific fuel consumption of diesel engine is:
A. 180 gm/bhp/hr B. 200 gm/bhp/hr
C. 150 gm/bhp/hr D. 290 gm/bhp/hr

68.  The specific fuel consumption of petrol engine is:
A. 180 gm/bhp/hr B. 200 gm/bhp/hr
C. 150 gm/bhp/hr D. 290 gm/bhp/hr

69.  What the stroke: bore rati of an engine increases, the volumetric efficiency of the engine:
A. Decreases B. Increases
C. Remains unchanged D. None of these

70.  The piston speed of an engine is equal to:
A. 2 LN B. ALN
C. 4 LN D. None of these

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