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51.  The material used for construction of cylinder block is:
A. Cast iron and steel B. Cast iron and aluminum alloy
C. Brass and steel D. Steel and aluminum allow

52.  The compression rings mounted on piston are generally made of:
A. Low carbon steel B. Aluminum
C. High carbon steel D. Chromium

53.  In an engine, the angle between the cylinder axes and the crankshaft centre line is:
A. 60? B. 90?
C. 180? D. 120?

54.  The gasket sealing is the most difficult problem at:
A. Head B. Oil pan
C. Intake manifold D. Timing cover

55.  The camshaft in an engine is always mounted:
A. Perpendicular to the crankshaft B. Inclined to the crankshaft
C. Parallel to the crankshaft D. Inline to crank shaft

56.  The piston skirt clearance at room temperature is:
A. 0.004 mm B. 0.04 mm
C. 0.55 mm D. 1.00 mm

57.  The piston pin of some engine is offset to:
A. Major throust side B. Right side
C. Minor thrust side D. Lift side

58.  The main purpose of piston rings is:
A. To control combustion pressure B. To control cylinder wall librication
C. To drain out excessive oil D. All are correct

59.  The primary purpose of ring expander is to:
A. Make up for cylinder, wear B. Increase static ring tension
C. Decrease dynamic ring tension D. Reduce ring vibration

60.  The connecting rod of an engine connects the crankshaft with:
A. Cylinder head B. Piston
C. Piston pin D. Cylinder liner

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