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91.  The efficiency of external combustion engine ranges from:
A. 10 to 15 per cent B. 10 to 20 per cent
C. 15 to 30 per cent D. 30 to 40 per cent

92.  The weight of diesel engine per horsepower is:
A. Lighter than petrol engine B. Equal to petrol engine
C. Heavier than petrol engine D. None of these

93.  The thermal efficiency of CI engine is:
A. Higher than SI engine B. Lower than SI engine
C. Equal to SI engine D. None of these

94.  Piston of an engine is made of:
A. Cast Iron B. Aluminium alloy
C. Nickel Iron alloy D. All are correct

95.  Gudgeon pin of engine piston is made of:
A. Case hardened steel B. Cast iron
C. Aluminium alloy D. All are correct

96.  Piston pin connected piston with:
A. Crankshaft B. Connecting rod
C. Camshaft D. Flywheel

97.  Commecting rod converts:
A. Reciprocating motion piston into rotary motion crankshaft B. Rotary motion of piston into reciprocating motion of crankshaft
C. Rotary motion of piston into oscillatory motion of crankshaft D. Oscillatory motion of piston into rotary motion of crankshaft

98.  Oil rings on the piston are located:
A. Below the compression ring B. Above the piston skirt
C. Above the compression ring D. Both (a) & (b)

99.  The work timing gear is to:
A. Control the ignition timing B. Control the fuel injection timing
C. Control the timing of opening and closing of valves D. All are correct

100.  The fuel used in EC engines for generation of power is:
A. Petrol B. Diesel
C. Kerosene D. Steam

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