CSS :: Zoology Scope and Origin Of Life

1.  The study of nuclear cytology is known as:
A. Neurology B. Mycology
C. Rhinology D. Karyology

2.  The study of preservation of life or the study of organisms at low temperature is known as:
A. Kalology B. Malacology
C. Cryobiology D. Dermatology

3.  The study of animals with respect of their environment is termed as:
A. Ecology B. Cytology
C. Physiology D. Limnology

4.  The study of molluscan shells is called:
A. Neurology B. Conchology
C. Craniology D. Malacology

5.  The study of animal behaviour is known as:
A. Ecology B. Sociology
C. Ethology D. Anthropology

6.  The study of snakes is called:
A. Ichthyology B. Serpentology
C. Herpatology D. Entomology

7.  The study of growing old is known as:
A. Genology B. Generology
C. Gerontology D. Gynaecology

8.  The study of interaction of antigens and antibodies in the blood is known as:
A. Serology B. Haematology
C. Angiology D. Cryobiology

9.  The study of nests of birds is known as:
A. Craniology B. Nidology
C. Ichnology D. Myremecology

10.  Science for the genetical improvement of human race is called:
A. Euthenics B. Eugenics
C. Genetics D. Genecology

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