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1.  The viruses are:
A. Unicellular B. Acellular
C. Multicellular D. None of these

2.  Organisms in the nature having characters of both living and non-living are called:
A. Bacteria B. Monera
C. Viruses D. None of these

3.  Viruses were first demonstrated by:
A. Robert Hooke B. Oparin
C. Ivanowsky D. Cuvier

4.  Presence of viruses was established by:
A. Beijerinck and Loeffer B. Schleiden and Schwann
C. Mc Collum and Davis D. Oparin and Spallanzani

5.  Who called the fluid from virus infected plant as Contagium vivum fluidum
A. Stanley B. Ivanowsky
C. Beijerinck D. Oparin

6.  Bacteriophage term was coined for virus infecting Escherichia coli by:
A. Knoll and Ruska B. Twort and D' Herelle
C. Beijerinck and Loeffer D. Mc Collum and Davis

7.  Study of viruses is called :
A. Karyobiology B. Genealogy
C. Virology D. Bacteriology

8.  Metabolic enzymes are absent in viruses whether this statement is:
C. Partially wrong D. No idea

9.  Which of the following statements is true for viruses:
A. They always have DNA B. They always have RNA
C. They are only bacteriophage D. They multiply in host cells

10.  Virion term is given to:
A. Outer covering present in the virus B. Inactive particle-like form of the virus
C. DNA complex present in the virus D. None of these

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