CSS :: Phylum Protozoa

1.  Protozoa were first discovered by:
A. Pasteur B. Leeuwenhoek
C. Darwin D. Kudo

2.  First studied protozoa by Leeuwenhoek was:
A. Amoeba B. Euglena
C. Vorticella D. None of these

3.  Name protozoa was given by:
A. Goldfuss B. Hall
C. Jablot D. None of these

4.  Who gave acellular concept for protozoans?
A. Dobell B. Von Seibold
C. Cuvier D. None of these

5.  Branch of zoology related with the study of protozoans is:
A. Parazoology B. Proteology
C. Protology D. Protozoology

6.  Natural death does not occur in:
A. Porifera B. Protozoans
C. Echinoderms D. None of these

7.  Largest fresh water protozoa is:
A. Paramecium caudatum B. Pelomyxa palustris
C. Vorticella minim D. Spirostomum ambiguum

8.  Amoeba proteus name was given on the 'Sea God' because it:
A. Changes its shape like him B. Is unicellular
C. Is naked D. Has all of these

9.  Which of these is a marine amoeba:
A. Amoeba radiosa B. Thecameoba orbis
C. Amoeba verrucosa D. Amoeba dubina

10.  Hav-infusion method is used for culture of:
A. Amoeba and paramecium B. Euglena
C. Balantidium D. None of these

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