CSS :: Phylum Plathelminthes

1.  Platyhelminths are:
A. Triploblastic B. Triploblastic acoelomates
C. Triploblastic, acoelomates with unsegmented body D. Triploblastic, aceolomates with segmented body

2.  Which of these tissues is found only in platyhelminths:
A. Interstitial cells B. Parenchyma
C. Mesogloea D. None of these

3.  Excretory system of Fasciola and tapeworm is characterized by the presence of:
A. Septal nephridia B. Flame cells
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

4.  Which of these platyhelminths are not parasites:
A. Liver-fluke B. Tape-worm
C. Planaia D. All of these

5.  The digestive system of flat-worm is characterized by:
A. Absence of anus B. Presence of pharynx
C. Absence of pharynx D. Presence of anus and absence of

6.  Platyhelminths have got:
A. Well developed chitinous endoskeleton B. Well developed calcareous endoskeleton
C. Non endoskeleton D. Bony endoskeleton

7.  Genus Fasciola was discovered by:
A. Jehan de Brie B. Linnaeus
C. Aristotle D. None of these

8.  Life cycle of fasciola was worked out by:
A. Thormas B. Jehan de Brid
C. Lararck D. None of these

9.  Live-fluke is found in the:
A. Intestine of man B. Intestine of sheep
C. Liver and bile ducts of sheep D. Liver and bile duct of man

10.  Intermediate host in the life cycle of Fasciola hepatica is:
A. Pig B. Snail
C. Crab D. Rat-flea

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