CSS :: Phylum Mollusca

1.  Soft body enclosed in a hard calcareous shell is found in:
A. Annelids B. Poriferans
C. Molluscs D. Cnidarians

2.  Largest invertebrae 'giant squid' belongs to phylum:
A. Echinodermata B. Annelida
C. Mollusca D. Arthropoda

3.  Body is unsegmented in:
A. Earthworm B. Octopus
C. Tape-worm D. House-fly

4.  Muscular foot is found in:
A. Hydra B. Mosquito
C. Leech D. Pila

5.  Mantle is found in which of these animals:
A. Lamellidens B. Metridium
C. Leech D. House-fly

6.  A cavity outside body called mantle cavity is found in:
A. Molluscs B. Cnidarians
C. Arthropods D. Echinoderms

7.  Radula is found in the buccal cavity of:
A. House-fly B. Pila
C. Lamellidens D. Leech

8.  Open type of circulatory system is found:
A. Pila only B. Cockroach only
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

9.  Shell in pila is made up of:
A. Silica only B. CaCO3
C. CaCO3 + Chochilin D. Silica + CaCO3

10.  Pila is:
A. Aquatic B. Terrestrial
C. Amphibious D. Arborial

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