CSS :: Phylum Cnidaria or Coelentrata

1.  Phylum Cnidaria was named, by:
A. Leukart B. Aristotle
C. Hatschek D. Haeckel

2.  The characteristic of cnidarian is:
A. Mesogloea B. Pedal disc
C. Manudrium D. Nematocysts

3.  The cavity of cnidarians is called:
A. Spongocoel B. Gastrovascular cavity
C. Haeomocoel D. None of these

4.  Gastrovascular cavity is found in:
A. Sponges B. Cnidarian
C. Earthworm D. Helminths

5.  There are no special respiratory organs in:
A. Insects B. Cnidarians
C. Molluscs D. All of these

6.  Radial symunetry is found in:
A. Platyhelminths B. Cnidarians
C. Annelids D. Molluscs

7.  Which of these are not tissue grade animals:
A. Sponges B. Cnidarians
C. Annelids D. Mollucs

8.  Symmetry of the polyp is:
A. Bilateral B. Radial
C. Irregular D. None of these

9.  Skeleton of horny corals is made by:
A. CaCO3 B. Silica
C. Bone D. Gorgonin

10.  Most primitive nervous system is found In:
A. Hydra B. Amoeba
C. Spong D. Earthworm

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