CSS :: Nemathelminthes

1.  Nematodes are characterized by the presence of:
A. True coelom B. Pseudocoel
C. Segmentation D. None of these

2.  Which of these is not a hermaphrodite animal:
A. Earthworm B. Tapeworm
C. Ascaris D. Hydra

3.  Beneath the cuticle in Ascaris is found a hypodermis which is:
A. Columnar B. Syncitial
C. Ciliated D. Cuboidal

4.  Ascaris is a :
A. Free living organism B. Ectoparasite of man
C. Endoparasite of mosquito D. Endoparasite of man

5.  Which of these parasites has no intermediate host:
A. Liver-fluke B. Tape-worm
C. Ascaris D. None of these

6.  Ascaris is:
A. Unisexual B. Hermaphrodite
C. Monoecious D. None of these

7.  Coenocytic epidermis is found in:
A. Earthworm B. Leech
C. Ascaris D. None of these

8.  The cuticle of Ascaris is:
A. Thick B. Thick and protective
C. Thick, protective and resistant to host's digestive justices D. Thin cellular and permeable to various substances in the environment of host

9.  Special modification of Ascaris to its parasitic node of life is:
A. Segmented body B. Resistant cuticle on body surface
C. Straight and uncoiled alimentary canal D. None of these

10.  With reference to parasitism, the round worm (Ascaris) may be regarded as specialized animal and not a degenerated one because of the fact that it is:
A. Dioecious animal B. Having no respiratory system
C. Provided with a tough and resistant cuticle D. Provided with straight alimentary canal with mouth and anus

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