CSS :: Evolution Of Man

1.  The ancestral form supposed to begin human genealogy must have shown which of the following characteristics as signs of human characteristics:
A. Intelligence B. Erect posture
C. Grasping D. All of these

2.  Intelligence was important characteristics for human evolution because it enables human being capable of:
A. Abstract thinking planning B. Logical and syllabic speech
C. Expression of emotions by facial muscles D. All of these

3.  Erect posture in human begins is respobsible for making the face:
A. Orthognathous B. Prognathous
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

4.  Orthognathous face in human beings has been formed as a result of shifting of skull to apical position due to:
A. Forward and downward shifting of formen magnum B. Only forward shifting of foramen magnum
C. Only downward shifting of foramen magnum D. Any other reason

5.  Which of the following features have been associated with erect posture in the human beings:
A. Shortening of legs while elongating limbs B. Flattening of thoracic part into chest and broadening of pelvic girdle
C. Flexing of vertebral column into 'S' shape D. All of these

6.  During the course of human evolution which of the following features would have resulted:
A. Reduction of teeth of 32 B. Reduced olfaction and 'drop nose' while eyes enlarged
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

7.  Which of the following features could not be regarded correct in the line of human evolution:
A. Opposable thumb B. Reduced fertility due to increased gestation and single child birth
C. Rolled out lips and elevated breasts D. Decrease in intelligence

8.  Which of the following animals mark the beginning of primate base where from the evolution of man has taken place:
A. Elephant shrews B. Teee shrews
C. Lemurs and Tarsiers D. Prosimians

9.  Elephant shrews are supposed to mark the beginning of primate base due to which of the following features:
A. Digitigrade pes B. Abdominal testes
C. 1-3 pairs of mammary glands D. All of these

10.  One of the major advantage of bepedalism is that it:
A. Releases the forelimbs for other purposes B. Increases speed of locomotion
C. Gives better support to body D. Reduces body wieght

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