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1.  Most mammalian eggs have practically very little amount of yolk, the survival of their embryos is made possible by the fact that:
A. These are milk-fed B. These are larger in size
C. These are nourished through placenta D. They need no food

2.  The term development which means formation of body from a single called zygote includes which of the following processes:
A. Increase in cellular number by growth and divisions B. Differentiation according to division of labour by genetic suppression
C. Arrangement of these parts into tissues, organs etc. D. All of these

3.  Development in frog is:
A. Direct B. Indirect
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

4.  Eggs in frog are:
A. Microlecithal B. Mesolecithal
C. Telolecithal D. Polylecithal

5.  Animal pole in frog's egg in water remains upwards because:
A. Sperms enter through it B. It absorbs light
C. It is free from yolk D. It makes egg invisible to enermies by absorbing light

6.  Animal pole in frog's egg represents perspective:
A. Dorsal side B. Head end
C. Tail end D. Ventral side

7.  Gray crescent in frog's egg marks the future:
A. Dorsal side of the embryo B. Ventral side of the embryo
C. Latheral side of the embryo D. Tail of the embryo

8.  The entrance point of sperm in frog's egg marks which of the sides of future embryo:
A. Anterior side B. Posterior side
C. Dorsal side D. Ventral side

9.  Posterior side of future embryo of frog will be the side:
A. Of entrance point of sperm B. Opposite to entrance point of sperm
C. Offgray crescent D. Of animal pole

10.  In frog's egg the plane cutting through entrance point, sperm path and median line of gray crescent represents:
A. Sagittal plane of future embryo B. Anterior end of furture embryo
C. Tail of future embryo D. None of these

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