CSS :: Digestive System

1.  Living organisms consume the matter constantly and this is replenished from the environment through the process called:
A. Digestion B. Excretion
C. Respiration D. Nutrition

2.  Omnivorous heterotrophs derive their food from:
A. Plants only B. Animals only
C. Both of these D. None of these

3.  A Saprophyte:
A. Can absorb complex food directly from dead matter. B. Connot synthesize its own cytoplasm
C. Cannot synthesize any complex food D. Needs help of enzymes for absorption

4.  Flipping of tongue at prey is seen in:
A. Frog B. Rabbit
C. Both of these D. None of these

5.  Flipping of tongue in frog is brought about by:
A. Protractor hypoglossus muscles B. Retractor hypoglossus muscles
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

6.  Upper lip to divided by a median cleft in:
A. Rabbit B. Frog
C. Man D. All of these

7.  Sensory vibrissae are found in rabbit on:
A. Lower lip B. Each side of median cleft
C. Eyes D. None of these

8.  Palatine rugae are associated with:
A. Hard palate of rabbit B. Soft palate of rabbit
C. Lower jaw of rabbit D. Tongue of frog

9.  Uvula in mammals is also termed:
A. Palatine rugae B. Frenulum linguae
C. Velum palati D. None of these

10.  Ventromedian fold on the tongue of rabbit is called:
A. Velum palati B. Frenulum linguae
C. Frenulum palati D. Velum linguae

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