CSS :: Cytogenetics

1.  DNA model was studied with help of x-rays by:
A. Wilkins B. Watson
C. Crick D. Watson and Crick

2.  Cenetic information is encoded in the structure of which of these:
A. Enzymes B. DNA
C. Structure proteins D. Enzymes and DNA

3.  Theory of one gene - one enzyme was proposed by:
A. Watson and Crick B. Beadle and Tatum
C. Scleiden and Schwann D. Bateson and Punnet

4.  Central dogma of molecular genetics is:
A. DNA - RNA - Proteins B. RNA - DNA - Proteins
C. Proteins - DNA - RNA D. None of these

5.  Five major types of histones are:
A. H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5 B. H1, H2a, H2b, H3 and H4
C. H1a, H1b, H2a, H2b and H3 D. None of these

6.  Genes are made up:
A. Histones B. Polynucleotides
C. Hydrocarbons D. Lipoproteins

7.  Term gene refers to:
A. A portion of DNA B. A portion of RNA
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

8.  Which of these is carrier of genetic information:
C. mRNA D. Nucleoproteins

9.  Nucleic acid was discovered by:
A. Miescher B. Sutton
C. Khorana D. Beadle

10.  Chromosomes are made up of:
A. DNA and RNA B. RNA and proteins
C. DNA, RNA and proteins D. None of these

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