CSS :: Chronological Order Of Evolution

1.  "EOLOGICAL Time Scale" represents:
A. Chronological order of earth's history B. Evolution of life
C. Origin of life D. None of these

2.  Number of Eras in "Geological Time-Scale" are:
A. Three B. Four
C. Five D. Six

3.  Periods between origin of gaseous cloud and the earth's crust is called:
A. Proterozoic Era B. Palaeozoic Era
C. Mesozoic Era D. Azoic Era

4.  "Rocky Mountain Revolution" occurred during:
A. Mesozoic Era B. Palaeozoic Era
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these Eras

5.  The Era in which "Applinchian Revolution" took place is:
A. Coenozoic B. Palaeozoic
C. Mesozoic D. Proterozoic

6.  "First Great Revolution" occurred during:
A. Mesozoic Era B. Coenozoic Era
C. Palaeozoic Era D. Archaeozoic Era

7.  "Ago of Man" and diversification of modem species are faunal specialties of:
A. Holocene Epoch B. Miocene Epoch
C. Pliocene Epoch D. Oligocene Epoch

8.  Coenozoic Era began about:
A. 6.5 crore years ago B. 13.6 crore years ago
C. 3 billion years ago D. 4.6 billion years ago

9.  Evolution of primitive man-like apes occurred during:
A. Quaternary period B. Tertiary period
C. Cretaceous period D. Triassic period

10.  Evolution of human society and culture occurred during:
A. Holocene period B. Pleistocene period
C. Miocene period D. Oligocene period

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