CSS :: Cell Division

1.  A rough idea of cell division was given by:
A. Hofmeister B. Von Mohl
C. Flemmings D. Weismann

2.  Who described the cell division first?
A. Hofmeister B. Hugo Von Mohl
C. A. Weismann D. W. Flemmings

3.  Who used the word karckinecs for cell division?
A. Hugo Von Mohl B. A. Weismann
C. W. Flemmings D. None of these

4.  Word mitosis was coined by:
A. W. Flemmings B. A. Weismann
C. Hofmeister D. Strausberger

5.  Cell division in plants was described first by:
A. Strausbeger B. Hofmeister
C. Weistmann D. None of these

6.  Who observed first that the reproductive cells have different division than somatic cells?
A. Weismann B. Hofmeister
C. Felmmings D. Sutton

7.  Sutton emphasized:
A. Importance of cell division in heredity B. That reproductive cells divide differently than somatic cells
C. Cells come from pre-existing cells D. None of these

8.  Importance of cell division in heredity was emphasized by:
A. Sutton B. Weismann
C. Flemmings D. None of these

9.  Strausberger observed
A. Mitosis B. Meiosis
C. Cell division in plants D. None of these

10.  Meiosis was termed by:
A. J.B. Farmer and Moore B. Hofmeister and Flemmings
C. Hugo Von Mohl and Strausberger D. None of these

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