CSS :: Animal Tissues

1.  Tissues can be defined as:
A. Layers or groups of structurally similar cells performing the same function B. Groups of structurally dissimilar cells performing the same function
C. Group of structurally similar cells forming different function D. Group of structurally dissimilar cells performing different function

2.  Study of tissues is called:
A. Cytology B. Histology
C. Anatomy D. Morphology

3.  Term "Histology" to separate branch for study of tissues as given by:
A. Bichat (1771 - 1802) B. Marcello Malpighi (1628 - 1694)
C. Mayer (1819) D. None of these

4.  Histology is considered synonymous to:
A. Comparative anatomy B. Microanatomy
C. Gross-anatomy D. Functional anatomy

5.  Tissues found in our body are derived from:
A. Embryonic ectoderm B. Embryonic endoderm
C. Embryonic mesoderm D. All of these

6.  Term "Epithelia" was introduced by:
A. Mayer B. Marcello Malpighi
C. Ruysch D. Bichat

7.  Desmosomes which are button-like junctions between epithelial cells with tonofibrils are responsible for:
A. Bearing mechanical stress B. Providing chamical exchange
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

8.  Basement membrane upon which the epithelial cells rest is formed of:
A. Hyaluronicacid + glycoproteins + layer of reticular fibres B. Hyaluronicacid + lipids + layer of reticular fibres
C. Hyaluronicacid + carbohydrate + layer of reticular fibres D. None of these

9.  Epithelial cells lining cavities have:
A. Microvilli B. Stereocilia
C. Cilia D. All of these

10.  Simple, squamous epithelium is found in the lining of:
A. Body cavities like blood vessels, peritonium, Bowmann's capsule etc. B. Trachea, large bronchi, epididymis etc.
C. Oesophagus, anal canal, vagina etc. D. All of these

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