Verbal and Reasoning :: Sentence Completion

1.  The ________ teacher made the seventh class students stand in their desks for the rest of the class when they answered a question_________
A. conventional B. enthusiastic
C. eccentric D. avuncular
E. respected    

2.  Yasmin enjoyed eating both meat and vegetable when considered herself a (n) __________
A. carnivore B. vegetarian
C. gluttonous D. omnivore
E. hungry    

3.  Shahid and his subordinates regard ______ as a (n) ________ for the year 2000
A. millennium B. imprecation
C. bruit D. euphoria
E. volition    

4.  After a large Friday dinner Salmas family was _________
A. satiated B. argumentative
C. restless D. assisuous
E. esurient    

5.  The factorys automated equipment obviates some job functions and so layoffs are now__________.
A. unlikely B. illusory
C. expected D. theoretical
E. facetious    

6.  The _______ soldier ____ at the idea he was to go to battle
A. luckless - rejoiced B. youthful - retired
C. unwilling - recoiled D. frail - relapsed
E. vigorous - rebelled    

7.  __________ with the responsibility to oversee the small children she felt _______
A. Charged - irresponsible B. Happy - fulfilled
C. Relieved - burdened D. Secure - uneasy
E. Strapped - liberated    

8.  The people believed there was a (n) _____ level of pollution in the water until the mayor ______ it
A. innocuous - challenged B. unhealthy - confirmed
C. harmless - encouraged D. contagious - overruled
E. dangerous - surcharged    

9.  The ________ philosopher easily _______ the central question and quietly dismissed it as unimportant.
A. profound - overlooked B. particular - accepted
C. kindly - amused D. sly - isolated
E. revered - antagonized    

10.  In many cases the formerly ________ origins of disease have now been identified though modern scientific techniques.
A. insightful B. mysterious
C. cruel D. notable
E. useful    

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