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CSS (central superior service) is a competitive exam held under FPSC every year to fill grade 17 jobs in Federal government departments. The selected candidates are considered highly competent and having commendable qualities of leadership.

To pass the CSS exam is dream of majority of students but most of the candidates fail in materializing their dream of passing CSS exam. About 5000 candidates belonging to all social classes appear in CSS exam every year and only 600 to 900 candidates hardly pass the written test.

Why is it so? The answer is so simple. Our educational is unable to produce creation and make use of mental aptitudes. The students rely on cramming and blind study without observations of surrounding and drawing any conclusion.

On this we have a full guidance for the candidates seeking for all info about CSS exam’s has a vast syllabus as 6 compulsory and 6 0ptional papers

CSS Compulsory Subjects

  • English essays ( 2500 to 3500 words)
  • Current affairs
  • Everyday science
  • Pakistan affairs
  • Islamiat

Stay with this website to get the css forum past papers. We are with you throughout your brilliant future. You can check MCQ's of following subjects

Optional subjects should be carefully chosen. Chose only those subjects which have you studied in your previous classes and you have a enough command over these subjects. CSS is the test of your educational skills as well as your general skills and grooming of both the skills bring s you among the hard competitors in this test.

We have a reasonable range of educational and aptitude test experts having full command on syllabus and nature of questions in exam and skills and requirements needed in achieving thing goal.Students, we are given tips to enhance their vocabulary, creative thinking and rational approach.

On this page the students who want info and guidance are welcomed. We provide you relevant material, tips to boost your required skills, the pattern of past papers and techniques to get an excellent result.

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