CSS :: Social Interaction

1.  The response of individuals to one another is
A. social interaction B. culture
C. ethos

2.  Symbolic interactionism is theory of
A. P. V. Young B. Herbert Blumer's
C. Karl Marx

3.  Social stratification indicates
A. process by which a person gets ranks in society. B. backwardness of society
C. international understanding of society.

4.  Social stratification is based on
A. social understanding B. social inequality
C. social harmony

5.  War theory is associated with
A. Karl Marx B. Herbert Blumer's
C. Kingsely Davis

6.  Which of the following is not true of social stratification?
A. It is in the form of hierarchy. B. It is based on the division of society into groups.
C. It indicates rank and status of a person. D. It indicates only difference in society.

7.  Social stratification is guided mainly by
A. extent of contacts. B. economic consideration of the people.
C. the extent of socialisation.

8.  In feudal society, stratification was affected by the factor
A. religion B. estate
C. None of these

9.  In feudal society, stratification was based on
A. cast of a person. B. whether one was slave or free.
C. whether one lived in a city or an urban area.

10.  Which one of the following is not functional utility of social stratification?
A. It helps in deciding responsibility of everyone in the society. B. It helps in providing opportunities.
C. None of above.

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