CSS :: Social Institutions

1.  "An enduring cultural structure that meets certain fundamental needs of society and establishes social control" is definition of
A. religion B. economic system
C. social institutions

2.  "Enduring" means
A. social institutions exist over a considerable time. B. complex collection of values.
C. social institutions have a function.

3.  "Cultural structure" means
A. complex collection of values, norms and roles. B. structure of society.
C. fundamental need of society.

4.  Function of social institutions is
A. to meet the fundamental needs of the society. B. to improve the society.
C. to meet the need of a family.

5.  Social institutions have
A. physical structure B. no physical structure
C. None of these

6.  "Social institutions regulate human behaviour in the society" is
A. social problem B. social control
C. needs

7.  Which of the following statement is true about family?
A. Family is old institution but its origin can be traced. B. Family is old institution and its origin is in obscurities.
C. Family is new institution.

8.  Which of the following theories about the origin of the family believed that in the past offering of wife or daughter to a guest was considered as a mark of hospitality?
A. Sex communism B. Polygamy
C. Patriarchal

9.  "Family started with patriarch" belongs to the theory of
A. matriarchal B. patriarchal
C. polygamy

10.  Sir Henry Main gave
A. Sex communism theory B. Patriarchal theory
C. Theory of polygamy

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