Entry Test MCQ :: Electromagnetic Induction

31.  The alternating current has frequency of 106 Hz in such a way that time period for completion of cycle is
A. 1?s B. 1.5?s
C. 106sec D. 1sec

32.  Long distance transmission is easy for
A. D.C voltage B. A.C voltage
C. Half A.C voltage D. Half D.C voltage

33.  Which one of the following devices does not function like an electric motor?
A. Galvanometer B. Ammeter
C. Voltmeter D. Transformer

34.  The out put voltage of a transformer is 3 times the input voltage then turns ratio will be
A. 3-Jan B. 3
C. 1 D. 6

35.  For long distance transmission the transformer used is
A. Step down B. Input voltage and output voltage remain same
C. Step up D. Amplifier is used

36.  Self inductance of a long solenoid is
A. ??n2?A B. ??n2A/?
C. ??N2?A D. BA

37.  An electric current induced within the body of a conductor when that conductor either moves through a non uniform magnetic field or in a region where there is a change in magnetic flux is called
A. Induced current B. Eddy current
C. Back emf D. None of the above

38.  Lagging of changes in the magnetization of a substance behind changes in the magnetic field as the magnetic field is varied is known as magnetic
A. Retaintivity B. Permeability
C. Flux D. Hysteresis

39.  Transformer works on the principle of
A. Lenzs law B. Faradays law
C. Mutual induction D. Law of conservation of power

40.  When the motor is at its maximum speed then back emf will be
A. Maximum B. Zero
C. Intermediate values D. No back emf

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