General Knowledge :: Balochistan

1.  How many divisions are in Balochistan Province?
A. 5 B. 6
C. 7 D. 8

2.  The number of districts in Balochistan is _________.
A. 22 B. 24
C. 26 D. 28

3.  The east Balochistan is divided from the rest of Sindh and Punjab by ______
A. Kirthar Ranges B. Chaghi Ranges
C. Kirthar & Sulaiman D. Sulaiman Ranges

4.  The oldest inhabitants of Balochistan are _______ .
A. Balochistan B. Brahvis
C. Pakhtuns D. Pushtuns

5.  Brahvis are centered around ________ .
A. Quetta B. Kalat
C. Lasbella D. Loralai

6.  The largest ethnic group in Balochistan is _______ .
A. Baloch B. Pathans
C. Brahvi D. Seraiki

7.  The karez is a system of _______ .
A. Transportation B. Underground irrigation system
C. Carriage D. Mining

8.  The important minerals of Balochistan are coal, gold, chrome, fluorite, sulphur, quartz and ______.
A. Common Salt B. Marble
C. Maganeze D. All of them

9.  The Pakistan's fruits graden is ___________ .
A. Balochistan B. Punjab
C. Chaman D. Turbat

10.  Which area of Pakistan is famous for applies, melons, grapes, apricots, almonds, cherries, and peaches?
A. Balochistan B. Punjab
C. AJ & K D. Sindh

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