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1.  Most of the mopeds in India have capacity of
A. 10 c.c. B. 50 c.c.
C. 150 c.c. D. 174 c.c.
E. 250 c.c.    

2.  Which motor cycle has maximum power rating?
A. Jawa B. Rajdoot
C. Yezdi D. Yamaha
E. Bullet    

3.  Which one of the following is not the trade name of tractor in India?
A. HMT B. Escort
C. Ford D. Standard
E. Kirloskar    

4.  The part of the vehicle which holds the passengers and the cargo to be transported, is known as
A. Chassis B. Hull
C. Aft D. Senan
E. Cabin    

5.  Which one of the following is not a part of the chassis?
A. Wheels B. Front axle
C. Steering system D. Passenger seats
E. Rear axles    

6.  Air resistance to a car at 20 kmph is R. The air resistance at 40 kmph would be
A. R B. 2 R
C. 4 R D. R2
E. 4R2    

7.  In commercial vehicle layouts engine is located forward, rear or under floor mainly to
A. Better utilise the space B. Increase fuel economy
C. Have better weight distribution D. Reduce the weight of chassis
E. Minimize the tendency to over turn    

8.  A square type engine
A. Has geometrical shape as square B. Has two cylinders horizontal and two cylinders vertical
C. Has operating speed as 64, 81, 100, 121, 144, 169, 196 rpm or the like D. Has cylinder bore equal to stroke length
E. Has four cylinders with phase shift of 90? between any two consecutive cylinders    

9.  In an automobile engine the temperature of the piston will be more at
A. The crown of the piston B. The skirt of the piston
C. The piston walls D. The piston pin
E. The piston rings    

10.  Connecting rods are generally of the following form:
A. Forged I section B. Forged round section
C. Cast iron triangular section D. Cast iron square section
E. Forged square section steel    

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