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11.  Darya-i-Noor was edited by:
A. Shahsawar-ud-Din B. Siraj-ud-Din
C. Sadr-ud-Din

12.  Lahore Gazette on Urdu weekly started in:
A. 1851 B. 1853
C. 1855 D. None of these

13.  Punjab Journal a local paper appeared from Lahore in:
A. 1852 B. 1854
C. 1855 D. None of these

14.  The editor and proprietor of Chashma-i-Khurshid was:
A. Syed Muhammad Azim B. Maulvi Bakr
C. Munshi Diwan Chand

15.  Which semi official paper started under the patronage of the Deputy Commissioner of Lahore:
A. Lahore Chronicle B. Sindian
C. Mufad-i-Hind D. None of these

16.  The first newspaper from Sialkot was:
A. Fiaz-ul-Akhbar B. Riaz-ul-Akhbar
C. Riaz-i-Noor D. None of these

17.  In 1856, a monthly magazine Noor-un-Alam-Noor started from Sialkot by:
A. Munshi Harsukh Rai B. Munshi Diwan Chand
C. Munshi Ateeq D. None of these

18.  In 1853 which paper started as a weekly in Urdu by Munshi Diwan and continued till 1925:
A. Chashma-i-Faiz B. Riaz-ul-Akhbar
C. Victoria Paper

19.  In 1852, Riaz-i-Noor ws started from:
A. Lahore B. Sialkot
C. Multan D. None of these

20.  The editor of Riaz-i-Noor was:
A. Munshi Mohd Mehdi Hussain B. Mohd Azim
C. Faqir Sirajud Din

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