CSS :: Journalism Past Papers MCQs

1.  The originator of the phrase 'press is, the fourth estate' is:
A. North Cliff B. Edmund Burke
C. Lord Macaulay D. Rudyard Kipling

2.  What is embargo?
A. A ship, which often comes late B. A ban on publication before a specific date
C. A story, which has no end D. None of these

3.  Television programmes were started in Pakistan on:
A. 1964 B. 1990
C. 1947 D. None of these

4.  What is yellow journalism?
A. Exploitative sensational B. Classified telephone directory
C. A low priced novel D. None of these

5.  What is typography?
A. Is a system of Government B. A choice of type to ensure image clarity
C. A branch of photography D. None of these

6.  What is editorial?
A. Piece of interview B. A point of view of the newspaper
C. One-sided approach of the Government D. None of these

7.  Press and Publication Ordinance was introduced on:
A. 1961 B. 1962
C. 1963 D. None of these

8.  What is lithography?
A. A system of local bodies B. Circulation of newspapers
C. A method of printing D. None of these

9.  Agenda setting is the main objective:
A. Is the subject of mass communication B. Of media person
C. Media has no concern one D. None of these

10.  PID?
A. Press Information Department B. Public Intelligent Department
C. Pakistan Institution Development D. None of these

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