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11.  When was Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation established?
A. 21st December 1971 B. 20th December 1972
C. 20th December 1970 D. None of these

12.  In which year in Pakistan the farm broadcasts were introduced?
A. 1965 B. 1966
C. 1967 D. 1968

13.  After the advent of the transistor radio, the Govt. of Pakistan increased broadcasting stations from:
A. 6 to 18 B. 6 to 16
C. 6 to 14 D. 6 to 20

14.  According to an estimate how many percent of the rural population listens to radio?
A. 71.40% B. 71.20%
C. 74.40% D. 75.50%

15.  How many percent of the agriculture programmer are heard by agriculturists?
A. 69.90% B. 70.10%
C. 71.20% D. 72.10%

16.  In how many languages news and current affair programmers are being presented by the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation?
A. 12 B. 19
C. 15 D. 20

17.  Radio is what type of Channel?
A. Time consuming B. Space covering
C. Combination of time consuming and space covering D. None of these

18.  Who invented Television?
A. James Harrison B. Marconi
C. .L.Baird D. None of these

19.  When was T.V begin?
A. 1930s B. 1940s
C. 1950s D. 1960s

20.  How many television sets are in the world according to the survey conducted by UNESCO in 1986?
A. 525 million B. 625 million
C. 724 million D. None of these

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