CSS :: Anti Terrorism Act 1997

1.  The Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 was assented to by the President on
A. 16th August, 1997 B. 16th September, 1997
C. 16 October, 1997 D. None of above

2.  The Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 consist _____ sections
A. 38 B. 39
C. 40 D. 41

3.  The Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 contains ______ schedules
A. Two B. Three
C. Five D. None of above

4.  The Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 extends to
A. Specific areas of Pakistan B. Whole of Pakistan
C. Whole of Pakistan except Northern Areas D. None of above

5.  Section _____ of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 deals with definitions
A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 4

6.  Under section 2(a) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 "Armed Forces" means
A. Army B. Air Force
C. Navel and Reserves Forces D. All of above

7.  As per section 2(b) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 "civil armed forces" means
A. Frontier Constabulary, Frontier Crops B. Pakistan Cost Guard, Pakistan Rangers
C. Both (a) and (b) D. None of above

8.  As per section 2(c) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 "Code" means
A. Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 B. Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
C. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 D. None of above

9.  As per section 2(d) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 "Child" means a person who at the time of commission of the offence has not attend the age of
A. Fifteen years B. Seventeen years
C. Eighteen years D. None of above

10.  As per section 2(e) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, Anti-Terrorism Court means the Court established under section ______
A. 11 of the Anti-Terrorism Act B. 12 of the Anti-Terrorism Act
C. 13 of the Anti-Terrorism Act D. None of above

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