CSS :: Civil Procedure 1908

1.  The Code of law which deals with Courts of Civil Judicature is called
A. Code of Civil Procedure B. Civil Courts Act
C. Criminal Procedure Code

2.  The Code of Civil Procedure was enacted on
A. 21st January, 1908 B. 21st February, 1908
C. 21st March, 1908

3.  The Code of Civil Procedure was enforced on
A. 21st March, 1908 B. 22nd March, 1909
C. 1st January, 1909

4.  The Code of Civil Procedure, contains_____ sections
A. 155, B. 156,
C. 158,

5.  The Code of Civil Procedure has, _____ parts

6.  Code of Civil Procedure consists_____ Orders
A. 50, B. 51,
C. 52,

7.  A decree is an operative part of a_____ in civil suits for appeals
A. Order B. Judgment
C. None of the above

8.  _____ conslusively determines rights of the parties
A. Judgment B. Decree
C. Order

9.  Section 2, of C.P.C deals with
A. Plaint B. Definitions
C. Jurisdiction

10.  The term "Decree" is defined in section
A. 2(2), B. 3(2),
C. 4(2),

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