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1.  In the entire history of the solar system, thirty billion planets may has been lost.
A. in the entire history B. the solar system
C. thirty billion planets D. has been

2.  Khipil was made stand for the whole day.
A. Khipil was B. made
C. stand D. for the whole day

3.  Rubber is a good insulator of electricity and so does glass.
A. Rubber B. good insulator
C. of electricity D. so does glass

4.  Light rays can make the desert appears to be a lake.
A. light rays B. can make
C. the desert D. appears

5.  A great many athletes has managed to overcome serious physical handicaps.
A. a great many B. athletes has
C. managed to D. serious physical handicaps

6.  If the eucalyptus tree was to become extinct, the koala bear would also die.
A. if the eucalyptus B. was to become
C. koala bear D. would also die

7.  Students who used to using a calculator may forget how to do mental calculations.
A. who used B. may forget
C. how to do D. mental calculations

8.  Last year, Americans spended a lot of money on pet food.
A. Last year B. spended
C. a lot of D. on

9.  Secretaries are usually eligible for higher salaries when they know how shorthand.
A. Secretaries are usually B. higher salaries
C. when they know D. how shorthand

10.  A new automobile needs to tuned up after the first five thousand miles.
A. a new automobile B. needs to tuned
C. after the first five D. thousand miles

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