Entry Test MCQ :: Pronouns

1.  I you and they are fighting for a more worthy cause.
A. I you and they B. are fighting
C. for D. a more worthy

2.  You he and I are enemies from this day onward.
A. you he and I B. are fighting
C. enemies D. from this

3.  This is the movie whom I was talking about.
A. this is B. the movie
C. whom D. talking about

4.  After the departure of paramour the man lived by him.
A. After the departure B. paramour
C. the man lived D. by him

5.  It is really very kind of yours to help me.
A. it B. really
C. of D. yours

6.  The penguin chicks can't go into the water to get themselves own food.
A. the penguin B. can't
C. into D. themselves

7.  Balloons rise into the air because they contain a gas who is lighter than air.
A. Balloons rise B. they contain
C. who is D. lighter than air

8.  Narwhal is the only animal in the world that has tusk on only one side of it body.
A. the only animal B. that has
C. only one D. of it body

9.  Silver is mixed with another metal to make themselves harder.
A. is mixed B. with
C. another metal D. make themselves

10.  Most slugs and snails use a lung which opens through hole in the side of its bodies.
A. use B. which opens
C. in the side D. of its bodies

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