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31.  The watt is named after James Watt, the British engineer.
A. the watt B. named after
C. James Watt D. the British

32.  Methane is a odourless gas and is the main ingredient of natural gas.
A. methane B. a odourless
C. the main D. natural gas

33.  The alcohol acts as a narcotic on the nervous system and the brain.
A. The alcohol B. narcotic
C. the nervous system D. the brain

34.  Zachary Toylor was first president from the western state.
A. was B. first
C. from D. the western state

35.  Of all the boys, Bob is strongest.
A. Of B. the boys
C. Bob is D. strongest

36.  Land covers almost third the earth's surface.
A. land B. covers
C. third D. the earth's

37.  Mr. Chips retired after the World War two.
A. Mr. Chips B. retired
C. after D. the World War two

38.  In 1271, the Polos traveled to East.
A. In 1271 B. the Polos
C. traveled D. to East

39.  The Muslims are being suspected in USA.
A. the Muslims B. are being
C. suspected D. USA

40.  Titanic was devastated by an ice berg.
A. Titanic B. was
C. devastated D. an ice berg

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