Entry Test MCQ :: Alcohols Phenols and Ethers

1.  Which one of the following is termed as benzul alcohol?
A. C6H5OH B. C6H5CH(OH)2

2.  Which one of the following is also known as lactic acid?
A. 3-Hydroxy propanoic acid B. 2-Hydroxy propanoic acid
C. 2-hydroxy butanoic acid D. 3-hydroxy butanoic acid

3.  Which one of the following is also known as tartaric acid?
A. 2 3-dihydroxy butance 1 4 -dioic acid B. 2 3 -dihydroxy butanedioic acid
C. 2 3 -dihydroxy butanioc acid D. 2 2 -dihydroxy butanoic acid

4.  Water gas heated at 450?C and 200 atm pressure in the presence of ZnO+Cr2O3 will produce
A. methanal B. methanol
C. carbonic acid D. methane

5.  The residue obtained after the crystallization of sugar from concentrated sugar cane juice is called
A. Mother liquor B. Filterate
C. Extract D. Molasses

6.  The formula of starch is
A. C12H22O11 B. C6H10O5
C. (C6H10O5)n D. C6H12O6

7.  The process of fermentation of starch involve many enzymes the sequence of enzymes used are
A. Diastase-maltase-zymase B. Zymase-maltase-diastase
C. Maltase-diastase-zymase D. Diastase-zymase-maltase

8.  The rectified spirit contains
A. 12% alcohol B. 90% alcohol
C. 95% alcohol D. 100% alcohol

9.  K2Cr2O7/H2SO4 generate
A. Oxygen B. Hydrogen
C. Nascent oxygen[O] D. Nascent hydrogen[H]

10.  The oxidation of isopropyl alcohol will yield
A. propane B. Propanol
C. Propanone D. Propanoic acid

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