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1.  Crude petroleum consists of
A. 84-87 per cent carbon and 11-14 per cent hydrogen B. 11-14 per cent carbon and 84-87 per cent hydrogen
C. 54 per cent carbon and 25 per cent hydrogen D. 70-72 per cent carbon and 5-7 per cent hydrogen

2.  The general formula of paraffins is
A. CnH2n B. CnH2n-2
C. CnH2n+2 D. CnH2n+1

3.  The general formula of naphthenes is
A. CnH2n+2 B. CnH2n-2
C. CnH2n-6 D. CnH2n

4.  The general formula of olefins is
A. CnH2n-2 B. CnH2n-4
C. CnH2n+2 D. CnH2n

5.  The general formula of aromatics is
A. CnH2n B. CnH2n+2
C. CnH2n-6 D. CnH2n-4

6.  The general formula of mercaptans is
A. R-S-R B. R-S-R

7.  Which of the following is a sulphur compound?
A. Ethyl mercaptan B. Pyridine
C. Naphthenic acid D. Cumene

8.  The nitrogen compounds in the petroleum products are responsible for
A. loss in catalyst activity B. colour instability of the products
C. formation of gums D. all of the above

9.  The general formula of naphthenic acids is
A. CnH2nO2 B. CnH2n+2O2
C. CnH2n-2O2n D. CnH2n-2O2

10.  Naphthenes
A. are unsaturated cyclic compounds B. are straight chain saturated compounds
C. are saturated cyclic compounds D. and paraffins have the same general formula CnH2n+2

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