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1.  Which one of the following statements about a chemical equation is true?
A. Mass is conserved B. Mass as well as atoms are conserved
C. Atoms are conserved D. Ions are conserved

2.  A balanced chemical equation is in accordance with
A. law of gaseous volumes B. law of Avogadro
C. law of constant proportions D. law of conservation of mass

3.  An imbalanced equation is against the
A. law of gaseous volumes B. law of constant proportions
C. law of conservation of mass D. law of multiple proportions

4.  When a correctly written chemical equation is balanced
A. the number of atoms of each kind on each side should be equal B. all molecules are diatomic
C. all substances are in the same physical state D. the sum of the coefficient on both sides is the same

5.  Chemical reactions involve the participation of
A. electrons B. protons
C. neutrons D. nuclei

6.  The symbolic representation of the molecule of a compound is called
A. structural formula B. molecular formula
C. empirical formula D. graphic formula

7.  A chemical reaction occurs when the energy of the reacting molecules is
A. less than the activation energy of the reaction B. equal to the activation energy of the reaction
C. more than the activation energy of the reaction D. equal to or more than the activation energy of the reaction

8.  The reaction CH2 = CH2 + Br2 ?? CH2 Br ?CH2Br is
A. a substitution reaction B. an addition reaction
C. a molecular rearrangement D. a photochemical reaction

9.  Reaction between neutral solution of barium chloride and sodium carbonate goes to completion because
A. the reaction is irreversible B. sodium chloride is only sparingly soluble in water
C. barium carbonate is almost insoluble in water D. the solubility of BaCI2 decreases in the presence of sodium carbonate

10.  A photochemical reaction is
A. catalysed by light B. initiated by light
C. accompanied with emission of light D. used to convert heat energy into light

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