Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Animalia

1.  Aschelminthes is also known as
A. Protozoans B. Eumatazoa
C. Nematodes D. Protoctist ancestors

2.  Of the following which one is not included in Proterostomes?
A. Arthropods B. Hemichordates
C. Annelids D. Molluses

3.  All of the following are coelomates except
A. Deuterosomes B. Proterosomes
C. Hemichordates D. Aschelminthes

4.  The name animal is derived from the word.
A. Anima B. Anemia
C. Aname D. All of these

5.  Of the following which one is not the characteristic of Kingdom Animalia.
A. All animals are ingestive heterotrophs B. All animals are eukaryotes
C. All animals develop from the dissimilar gametes i.e. large sperm and small egg. D. It is largest kingdom.

6.  The radial symmetry is found in the animals of
A. Protozoa B. Porifera
C. Cnidaria D. All of these

7.  All the animals of the grade radiata are
A. Diploblastic B. Triploblastic
C. Both D. Unicellular

8.  Both radial and bilateral symmetry is found in the phylum
A. Protozoa B. Porifera
C. Echinodermata D. None of these

9.  Coelom that develops from the archenteron as outpouching is
A. Pseudocoelom B. Enterocoelom
C. Schizocoelom D. None of these

10.  The animals in which coelom is formed due to splitting of mesocerm are known as
A. Pseudocoelous B. Schizocoelous
C. Enterocoelous D. Emphicoelous

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