Entry Test MCQ :: Evolution

1.  The process that has transformed life on earth from its earliest forms to vast diversity is
A. Mutation B. Evolution
C. Migration D. Genetic drift

2.  Carolus Linnaeus was believer of
A. Special creation B. Natural selection
C. Catastrophism D. Inheritance of acquired characters

3.  Which scientist does not match his achievements
A. Lamarck published his theory of evolution B. Lyell published principles of geology
C. Malthus published essay on principle of population D. Cuvier published papers on inheritance

4.  Archaebacteria can survive at
A. 150?C B. 300?C
C. 120?C D. 200?C

5.  What was the source of hydrogen for first photosynthetic organisms?
A. Water B. Hydrogen present in soil
C. Hydrogen sulphate D. Hydrogen sulphide

6.  Prokaryotes are considered to be evolved
A. 3.5 billion years ago B. 1.5 billion years ago
C. 4.5 billion years ago D. 1000 million years ago

7.  Flagella might have arisen through the ingestion of
A. Cyano-bacteria B. Spirochetes
C. Chlamydomonas D. Paramecium

8.  Important point/s of Lamarck's theory
A. Use and disuse of organs B. Inheritance of acquired characters
C. Natural selection D. Both a and b

9.  Who developed a theory of natural selection essentially identical to Darwin's
A. Hardy-Weinberg B. Alfred Wallace
C. Malthus D. Lyell

10.  Neo-Darwinism has integrated discoveries and ideas from
A. Taxonomy B. Paleontology
C. Genetics D. All of these

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