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1.  Choose the odd one:
A. Lance nematode = Pratylenchulus B. Lesion nematode = Pratylenchulus
C. Sting nematode = Belonolaimus D. Awl nematode = Dolichodorous

2.  Didelphic' means nematodes with:
A. One ovary B. Two ovaries
C. One testis D. Two testis

3.  Spermatheca' is found in the nematode body of:
A. Male B. Female
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of the above

4.  A bacterium is devoid of:
A. Chlorophyl B. Well defined nucleus
C. Cell wall D. Both (a) & (b)

5.  A virus particle with both nucleic acid and protein coat is known as:
A. Virion B. Viriod
C. Capsid D. All above

6.  Agallol is used for:
A. Seed treatment B. Soil treatment
C. Crop spray D. Aerial spray

7.  Agar-agar is produced from:
A. Nostoc B. Macrocrocystis
C. Gelidium D. Oscillatortia

8.  Albugo is a:
A. Obligate parasite B. Facultative parasite
C. Saprophyte D. Predator

9.  Ryat is a:
A. Obligate parasite B. Saprophyte parasite
C. Facultative parasite D. Predator

10.  Alexander Fleming (1929) discovered:
A. Streptomycetease B. Penicillin
C. Tyrocidine D. Giseofulvin

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