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1.  11-Hexudecenal is sex pheromone of:
A. Heliothis armigera B. Spodoptera litura
C. Trichoplusia nigra D. None of the above

2.  When a hectare of ground crop is completely covered by spraying less than 60 litres of liquid, is termed a:
A. Low volume spray B. Medium volume spray
C. Very low volume spray D. High volume spray

3.  7-Dodecenyl acetate is sex pheromone of:
A. Dacus cucurbitae B. Heliothis armigera
C. Dacus dorsalis D. None of the above

4.  A better of pect management depends upon:
A. The use of resistant variety B. Interlacing the known control methods
C. Proper agronomic practices D. Use of pesticides

5.  A minimum period of _______ years is to be given before assessing the effectiveness of an important bio-control agent:
A. 2 B. 3
C. 4 D. 5

6.  A notorious weed, Lantana camara is controlled by:
A. Lantana bug B. Shoot fly
C. Cochnial insect D. None of them

7.  A typical 'Hopper burn' in rice is caused by feeding of:
A. Aphids B. Gundhi bug
C. Brown plant hopper D. Mites

8.  Alternaria blight in mustard can be controlled by:
A. Treating seed with hot water B. Soil treatment with alderin
C. Bordeaux mixture D. None of these

9.  Ammonium carbamate is mixed with alumnium phosphide because:
A. It releases ammonia gas alarming the operator B. It releases CO2 which is fire extinguisher
C. It gives cooling effect D. All of the above

10.  Amongst the following insects which one is monophagous?
A. Spodoptera litura B. Spilosoma oblicua
C. Bombyx mori D. Bemicia tabaci

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