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41.  Population explosion causes social disharmony because
A. society can provide mosques to all. B. society can provide employment to all.
C. society cannot provide transport to all.

42.  Unemployment creates social disharmony because
A. the unemployed develop negative social attitude. B. employment opportunities of decrease.
C. there is strain on communication system.

43.  Which one of the following is not a salient feature of social disorganisation?
A. It is conflict between the old and the new order. B. it is the outcome of a rigid political party system.
C. it results in change in personal functions.

44.  Which of the following is not a major cause of social stratification?
A. social tensions. B. absence of change in social values.
C. natural calamities.

45.  Division of society on the basis of class is
A. peculiar to few affluent societies. B. of comparatively recent origin.
C. found in all societies since times past.

46.  "A social class is a portion of community marked off from the rest by social status" is defined by
A. Maclver and Page B. Oghburn
C. Nimkoff

47.  Which one of the following does not fit in the characteristic of of social class?
A. Each class has certain privileges. B. It represents vertical division of society.
C. Social class comes into being due to social stratification.

48.  Which of the following is not true of social class?
A. Its members have no inferiority complex for other class. B. Its members try to follow same occupation.
C. Its members have more or less same living standard.

49.  Which of the following is not true of social class?
A. It determines social prestige of the members. B. All members treat each other equally.
C. They are least concerned about outside interference in their way of living and thinking.

50.  Which one of the following is not true of social class?
A. The members are quite ready to give up their privileges. B. The members have external unity.
C. The members have no external unity.

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