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1.  Primary relationships are characterised in one of the following ways.
A. Display of goals. B. Major concern centres upon specific functions fulfilled.
C. Involvement of the total self. D. Relationship itself is not regarded as important

2.  Human and animal societies differ in one characteristic.
A. Shared beliefs. B. Population and common territory.
C. Division of labour D. Persistence in time.

3.  Conflict is most likely to arise as a result of
A. prejudice B. clash of interests
C. hatred D. radicalism

4.  One of the following is not a baisc institution.
A. Education B. Family
C. Religion D. War

5.  The population of the world is expected to double in
A. 25 years B. 35 years
C. 45 years D. 65 years

6.  The pattern of pressure which a society exerts to maintain order and establish rules is known as its system of
A. social approval B. group
C. public opinion D. social control

7.  When one part of the culture develops more rapidly than other parts, the following description is made
A. accommodation B. cultural lag
C. cultural accumulation D. revolution

8.  The concept anomie, together with the concept that it is a trait conspicuous of town life was originated by
A. Durkheim B. Reisman
C. Tonnes D. Comte

9.  Criminal behaviour is learnt primarily
A. in large groups. B. by same process as non-criminal behaviour.
C. by a definite criminal process. D. none of above.

10.  "The Sociology of Religion" was written by
A. Cuber B. Reisman
C. Max Weber D. None of these

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