CSS :: Development Theories and Under Development

1.  Development is a term which:
A. Has clearly been defined B. Has no clear definition
C. Can be defined but no attempt has been made D. None of above

2.  According to Lucian Pye political and economic development:
A. Should be separated from each other B. Both are contradictory to each other
C. Should be delinked from each other D. Should be linked with each other

3.  Liberal theory of development is also known as:
A. Classical theory of development B. Neo-classical theory of development
C. Theory of entrepreneur D. Theory of economic maturity

4.  Whose name is not associated with the liberal theory of development:
A. Adam Smith B. Ricardo
C. Karl Marx D. Malthus

5.  According to Lucian Pye Political development:
A. Could be measured with industrialisation: B. And industrialisation were opposed to each other
C. And industrialisation should be delinked from each other D. Could not be measured with industrialisation

6.  According to classical thinkers which one was not a measuring yard for development:
A. Land B. Labour
C. Capital D. Education

7.  According to liberal theory of development origin of all value was:
A. Land B. Labour
C. Capital D. Mineral wealth
E. Natural resources    

8.  Which one of the following is not correct about classical thinkers or development?
A. Social product was the outcome of labour utilised B. Level of wages could be arbitrarily fixed
C. Level of wages could not be changed by labour unions D. Level of wages could not be changed by the Government
E. Level of wages was linked with employment capacity of economy.    

9.  According to some thinkers political development cannot be measured in terms of political modernisation because:
A. It is not suited to third world countries B. Both are opposed to each other
C. Western countries are opposed to it D. Term political modernisation is ambiguous
E. None of the above    

10.  According to Edward A. Shills political development should be linked with:
A. Political modernisation B. Industrialisation
C. Capital formation D. Standards of modernisation of a state
E. Economic development    

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