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1.  According to Plato state originated because:
A. The people had desire to live in the state B. There was necessity for division of labour
C. God sent state on earth D. People concluded a contract for bringing state

2.  In the middle ages it was believed that:
A. Church gave state B. State is the march of God on earth
C. State was theresult of human efforts D. State grew with the passage of time

3.  Exponents of theory of Divine Origin of State believe that:
A. State grew with the passage of time B. God give state
C. State is expansion of families D. State was result of an understanding between God and people

4.  In the West first to support the theory of Divine Origin were:
A. The Jews B. The Christians
C. The Muslims D. None of these

5.  According to exponents of theory of Divine Origin of State people have:
A. Right to revolt against their rulers B. Right to revolt only against tyrants
C. Right to revolt against-unjustified laws D. No right to revolt against their ruler

6.  The ruler James-I's name is associated with:
A. Theory of Divine Origin of State B. Introduction of far reaching legislative reforms
C. Reforms in national finances D. Reforms in land revenue system
E. None of these    

7.  In France theory of Divine origin was supported by:
A. Philips B. Louis XII
C. Louis XIII D. Louis XIV

8.  Main supporters of theory of Divine origin were:
A. Feudal lords B. Church fathers
C. Common men D. The rich traders

9.  Aristotle believed that state originated as result of:
A. Social contract B. Force
C. Expansion of families D. Handiwork of God

10.  Who supported patriarchal theory about the origin of the state?
A. St. Paul B. St. Aquinas
C. Duguit D. Plato

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